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Version 1.3.4
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or later
License: Shareware
Price: $39 (US)
FOEditor is an application for editing Formatting Objects within XSL Transformations (XSLT) documents. FOEditor can then be used to transform an XML document into Formatting Objects (XSL). The Formatting Objects can then be transformed and saved as a Portable Document Format (PDF) document. PDF transformations can be previewed either internally or externally with the default PDF viewer.

FOEditor is also a general purpose XML document transformer. Simply select XML and XSLT documents. XHTML transformation results can be preview in the default browser.

Release History

  • Create & Edit XSLT — use FOEditor to create/edit XSL documents to use in transforming XML documents.
  • Transform XML — transform an XML document using XSL. The result can be a text or an XML document.
  • Formatting Objects to PDF — generate a PDF document from Formatting Objects.
  • Formatting Objects to RTF — generate an RTF document from Formatting Objects.
  • DocBook XSL Stylesheets — supports transforming DocBook documents into XHTML or Formatting Object.
  • Scriptable — transform XML documents into PDF with AppleScript.