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DigiLife Reports

Version 1.7.1
System Requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • iTunes 4 or later
  • Address Book
  • Java 1.4.1 or later (recommended)
License: Shareware
Price: See sidebar for details.

DigiLife Reports application suite:

$20 (US), includes Address Book Reports and iTunes Reports.

or individually:

$15 (US) for Address Book Reports

$10 (US) for iTunes Reports

DigiLife Reports comes in handy when the digital world doesn't meet all your life's needs. There are many times when printing information contained in your Digital Lifestyle applications is more efficient and practical. DigiLife Reports is a suite of applications for transforming that information into elegant printable reports.
Applications of DigiLife Reports
Address Book Reports icon
Address Book Reports
  iTunes Reports icon
iTunes Reports